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About our center

The Dermacenter company in Tashkent offers you a number of high-quality and qualified dermatological and cosmetic services. Our specialists, dermatologists, cosmetologists and oncodermatologists with many years of experience, will provide you with highly qualified assistance by conducting innovative diagnostic measures such as dermatoscopy, trichoscopy and trichogram. In the treatment of skin pathology, lasers and equipment of the latest generation are used. We are happy to help you.


Our mission

Provide patients with treatment at a guaranteed quality level in the shortest possible time and at the most affordable prices.

What do we offer ?

  • Dermatologist consultation;
  • Diagnosis of skin diseases;
  • Treatment of skin diseases;
  • Laser carbon peeling;
  • Trichoscopy;
  • Dermatoscopy;
  • Laser intimate rejuvenation - VAGINOPLASTY;
  • Laser removal of neoplasms (moles, papillomas, warts, hemangiomas).

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